Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing Services

Spirit of Innovation offers a full suite of Advanced Manufacturing Services to enable rapid adoption of Siemens NX CAM. Our Advanced Manufacturing Knowledge Experts have decades of experience in all aspects of manufacturing technology adoption.

Siemens NX 12 for Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing Training & Mentoring

Spirit of Innovation provides Manufacturing Training and User Mentoring for Siemens NX CAM including the powerful Feature Based Machining (FBM) capabilities contained in the Siemens NX application. .

Manufacturing Post Development

Our Manufacturing Integration capabilities include manufacturing machine integration (Post Development). Spirit of Innovation maintains a library of NX Posts for most popular manufacturers with further tailoring to the customer's requirements available. Spirit of Innovation will create custom PX Posts from scratch for specialized machines and controllers based on your needs.

Manufacturing Simulation

The ability to simulation manufacturing programs before sending jobs to the machine is vital for advanced manufacturing companies. Manufacturing Simulation offers safeguards against crashes and expensive damage to manufacturing machines, tools and stock.

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