Start-up Enterprise

Start-up Enterprise is one of the most exciting business segments today. We are truly living in a new “golden age” of entrepreneurialism where innovative ideas may take advantage of unprecedented access to global markets. For those who have chosen to invent a new physical product, the path to success often involves a high degree of risk and unforeseen costs. A great idea is simply not enough to guarantee the success of your product! Perhaps your product idea exists only as a sketch on a napkin or a simple design rendering. Where do you go from here? How will you bring your idea to life?

New Business Startup Team Canada

Bringing down the barriers to Start-up Product Design

To successfully turn your concept into an innovative product, you will need access to the right technology to DESIGN, ENGINEER, SIMULATE and BUILD. Developing your product using a flexible design and engineering platform allows your best ideas to mature rapidly. Getting the right new product to market faster is essential for your business to establish itself and grow.

Spirit of Innovation and Siemens are here to help your Start-up Enterprise go from dream to reality. New software licensing models have brought down the cost barriers to powerful engineering technology. As a designer or engineer, you now have access to the best engineering platform on the planet for a much lower initial cost. By reducing your up-front spend on engineering software, you can stay focused on developing your great ideas into new and innovative products.