About Spirit

Spirit of Innovation provides Engineering Technology Products, Knowledge Services, and Innovation Consulting for Canadian business. Spirit of Innovation is an authorized Siemens PLM Software Business Partner, providing best in class Design, Engineering, and Simulation tools to our customers. In addition, we provide Business Development Expertise connecting our Technology Vendors with the Canadian Market. We are Customer Centric; our goal is to provide value by making available the latest technology innovations for Aerospace, Defense, Space Systems, High-Tech, Industrial and Resource industry verticals. 

Our Focus | Growth through Innovation

Concept: Working collaboratively with our clients during the idea stage of a new design or product, we assist in turning the idea into a viable concept. Choosing the correct software, hardware, and supporting partner is critical at this stage. Industry leading software coupled with the latest hardware technology (systems & components) backed by a solid support team will allow you to bring a better product to market faster.

Design/Engineer/Simulate: Applying industry leading technologies to the task of taking the product concept to the design and engineering stage. With a proven platform for DESIGN, ENGINEERING and SIMULATION provided by our OEM partner Siemens PLM Software; your business will get the right design to market faster. Spirit of Innovation will assist at this stage to help solve complex DESIGN problems using SIMULATION as the backbone of the design decision process. Spirit is also available to help with developing the standards, methods, and best practices to help Canadian companies INNOVATE.

Build: Spirit of Innovation partners with a comprehensive group of technology, component, and prototyping resources to assist our customers with physical concept creation. Spirit of Innovation also offers assistance with software programming solutions, connecting software programming with electromechanical designs.

How may Spirit help you?